Medical Communication

Unilyn offers Medical Communication services to ensure preparedness at any stage of the product lifecycle.

In addition to providing high quality, balanced and accurate medical information for a wide range of audiences, Unilyn can also meet your Medical Communications needs through:

  • Development and review of medical education materials for pipeline, established and heritage products, helping to
    facilitate the appropriate use of medications through informed prescribing and treatment decisions.
  • Promotional material reviews according to relevant Codes and legislations, including:
    • Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code
    • Medicines Australia Code of Conduct
    • Medicines New Zealand Code of Conduct
    • Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) Code of Practice
    • New Zealand Self Medication Industry (NZSMI) Code of Practice
    • Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) Code of Practice
    • Complementary Healthcare Council (CHC) of Australia Code of Practice


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